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Does your launch task list have you feeling overwhelmed, or straight up stuck? Well, you have stumbled into the right place! Around here, we believe in ditching frustration for a clear path to launching your blog, social media, and creating an income from home!

WildishCEO courses are designed to take your from struggling beginner to successful launch. You

can take digital marketing by the reins and create a life you’ve been dreaming of.

5 Steps to Becoming a Wildish CEO:

If you are beyond frustrated with trying to find ways to create an income from home, I’ve got news for you – that is NOT how you should feel when creating your business and brand. The Wildish CEO lifestyle is all about pursuing big, bold dreams without sacrificing your time, mental health, and money. Here’s how:

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The Wildish Ceo Planner

The Wildish CEO Squad loves this planner because it includes:

☑️ MONTHLY PAGES with a habit tracker, goal planner + more
☑️ DAILY NOTES PAGES with blank, dot + lined pages
☑️ QUARTERLY CHECK-INS with goal reflections

The Wildish CEO Academy

☑️ Are you exhausted and burned out from trying to figure it out on your own?
☑️ Are you constantly overwhelmed by your to-do list to start?
☑️ Are you not sure how to even start becoming a blogger/influencer?

If you’re desperate to learn how to ditch hours of researching, prioritize your goals, and build a brand that allows you to create an income by doing what you love without wasting your time and money on useless products, this course is for you.

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We know how difficult it can be to figure it all out when you finally decide to start a blog or become an influencer. That’s why we want to give you a head start and help you achieve all of your goals.

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